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"Unknown chord" for valid chords

ActiveState Perl on Microsoft Windows

Binary installation on MacOS

Binary installation on Microsoft Windows

ChordPro 5 Release Information

ChordPro 6 Release Information

ChordPro 6 Release Information

ChordPro Cheat Sheet

ChordPro Configuration

ChordPro directives

ChordPro Implementation: Chords

ChordPro Implementation: Colours

ChordPro Implementation: Fonts

ChordPro markup

ChordPro related links

ChordPro: Introduction


Citrus Perl on Microsoft Windows

Configuration file contents

Configuration file contents - Delegates

Configuration file contents - Generic

Configuration file contents - Parser

Configuration for ASCII to ChordPro converter

Configuration for ChordPro output

Configuration for CSV output

Configuration for HTML output

Configuration for PDF output

Configuration: Overview

Creating a config (CLI)

Creating a config (GUI)

Custom directives

Defining an instrument

Delegated environment directives

Directives: album

Directives: arranger

Directives: artist

Directives: capo

Directives: chord

Directives: chordfont, chordsize, chordcolour

Directives: chorus

Directives: chorusfont, chorussize, choruscolour

Directives: column_break

Directives: columns

Directives: comment, comment_italic and comment_box

Directives: composer

Directives: copyright

Directives: define

Directives: diagrams

Directives: duration

Directives: grid

Directives: image

Directives: key

Directives: lyricist

Directives: meta

Directives: new_page

Directives: new_physical_page

Directives: new_song

Directives: pagetype

Directives: sorttitle

Directives: start_of_abc

Directives: start_of_bridge

Directives: start_of_chorus

Directives: start_of_grid

Directives: start_of_ly

Directives: start_of_svg

Directives: start_of_tab

Directives: start_of_textblock

Directives: start_of_verse

Directives: subtitle

Directives: tabfont, tabsize, tabcolour

Directives: tempo

Directives: textfont, textsize, textcolour

Directives: time

Directives: title

Directives: titlefont, titlesize, titlecolour

Directives: titles

Directives: transpose

Directives: year

D♯ transposes to D♭ but I want C♯

Environment directives

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with ChordPro

Hints and Tips

Installation on Linux

Installation on MacOS

Installation on Microsoft Windows

Installing ChordPro

Key/Value pairs

Preset configurations


Running from Git


Strawberry Perl on Microsoft Windows


The ChordPro Reference Implementation

The ChordPro Resource Directory

Trouble Shooting

User Forum

Using ChordPro

Using metadata in texts

Welcome to ChordPro!

Why can't I see my russian (vietnamese, greek, ...) characters?

Why do I not get metadata in my page headers