# The ChordPro Resource Directory

ChordPro maintains a collection of resources for several purposes. These can be found in the ChordPro Resource Directory. ChordPro will inform you where the resource directory is when you execute the command

chordpro --about

in a Terminal window. The output will have a line with Resource path and the actual location of the ChordPro Resource Directory.

# config

Here you can find a number of pre-defined configs (.json files) and the JSON config file schema, config.schema.

# examples

An example of a ChordPro song. This example will be inserted in the ChordPro GUI program when you select Help > Insert song example.

# icons

Icons for the ChordPro application program and ChordPro documents, in several formats.

# linux

Linux specific tools and templates to setup the desktop environment.

# notes

Note definitions for common (Dutch), German, Latin, Scandinavian and Solfege notation systems.

Also definitions for Nashville and Roman notation.

# pod

Program documentation files.