# ChordPro related links

  • Official ChordPro site
    Contact us via email.

  • Follow us on Twitter for announcements of new releases and other interesting things.

  • Chordie.com
    Searchable web site with a vast collection of ChordPro notated songs.

  • Songsheet Generator
    Songsheet Generator is an application which prints songsheets and songbooks for home, small group, or large group use. The program runs on Microsoft Windows (native .exe), Mac OS X (Java-based native .app), and any platform that supports Java 1.5 (.jar file).

  • SongPress
    A simple but often effective editor with WYSIWYG capabilities. Runs on Windows and Linux.

  • MobileSheetsPro
    MobileSheetsPro is a music viewer for Android and Windows (and soon iOS). It is aimed at musicians to replace the music papers and books. It supports PDF documents, images and ChordPro files.

  • OnSong
    OnSong is a MobileSheetsPro like app for Apple iOS.

  • Emacs ChordPro mode
    Emacs major mode for editing ChordPro files. Available on MELPA.

  • ChordTransposer
    ChordTransposer is an extension for LibreOffice and OpenOffice. It allows writing lyrics and chords using ChordPro format, and then transform it into a formatted section of your Office document ­ and vice versa. By modifying the paragraph styles you have ultimate control over how your song will look like.