# ROADMAP for ChordPro

This roadmap contains changes and enhancements that are likely to take place in the future.

Feel free to feedback on the community forum.

# Planned for ChrdPro 6.x

# Placement of images

A way to place images on a specific place on the page. Any other text will appear on top of the image.

Status: Experimental.

A way to place images relative to a part of the song. To be used for annotations.

Status: Development.

# Rootless chords

Support rootless chords, e.g. /B.

Status: Completed.

# Deprecate/remove diagrams.auto

Automatically adding unknown chords as empty diagrams was flawed and not used according to a survey on the community forum.

Status: Removed from config settings and documentation.

Todo: Code cleanup.

# Planned for ChordPro 7

# Alternative syntax for directives

An alternative syntax with keyword parameters and decent quoting.

Multiple directives per line.

# Flow

Provide an identification for song sections that can be used to recall the section at arbitrary places.

Useful to change parts order for different voices or instruments.


# HTML support

HTML support is currently limited. With the power of modern CSS HTML output should be as perfect as the PDF.

# Not yet planned

# MacOS

A new wrapper program that provides real MacOS GUI.

Requires a MacOS developer.

# Libraries

Currently ChordPro operates on files. This should be extended (at least in the GUI) to work with libraries.

# Per-section config

Designate style or properties for selected sections.

Issue #174.

# Strumming patterns

Issue #85.