# Trouble Shooting

If you encounter problems that you are unable to solve, please contact the user community.

# Installation problems

If your preferred way of installing programs does not work for ChordPro report this on the user community.

If your platform provides a vendor kit (e.g. Fedora), did you try that?

Did you try the binary install kit from the release site?

# Build problems

ChordPro should be able to build and run on any recent (and decent) system that supports Perl. The lowest Perl version is 5.10.1, but it is better to use 5.24 or later.

The required Perl modules are available from CPAN and can be built/installed with the cpan tool. Most platforms have prebuilt install kits for these modules, so please try these first.

Building the Perl Wx component, required for ChordPro GUI may be tricky. Google may be helpful.

# ChordPro doesn’t run

Assuming you are trying to run ChordPro GUI, try running it from the command line to see if there are any messages generated.

# ChordPro produces unexpected results

File a bug report to the issue tracker. Include the song you are trying to process, and any custom configuration files involved.

Make sure to include the output of running the ChordPro command with --about options, and/or a screenshot of the ‘About’ screen.

If a PDF document is produced, run ChordPro again with the --debug command line option and include the resultant PDF with the bug report.

When running from the GUI, check Help > Enable debug info in PDF and try again. You will get a “Problems Found” dialog with diagnostic information, this can be ignored.. Save the PDF document and add it to be bug report.

# ChordPro output looks okay, but ABC parts are missing or wrong

To process ABC data, ChordPro relies on a couple of external tools: abcm2ps and convert. These tools should be easily added to your system if not already there.

For abcm2ps version 8.12.14 or later is advised, although earlier versions usually work okay in most cases.

convert is part of ImageMagick. Version 7 is advised, but 6.9.12 or later will also work okay in most cases. For convert it is imperative that it can handle SVG image files. Some system vendors find it necessary to build ImageMagick without SVG support in which case you’ll get crippled or no output.

See also https://github.com/ChordPro/chordpro/issues/217 .