# Directives: meta

This directive defines a meta-data item.

{meta: name value}

Sets meta-data item name to the specified contents. name must be a single word but may include underscores.

Meta-data names can be chosen freely although single lowercase words like artist and composer are advised. It is left to the ChordPro file processing tools to do something sensible with the meta-data.

For convenience and backward compatibility, the following meta-data are considered standard. They can be defined using the meta directive, but also as standalone directives: title, sorttitle, subtitle, artist, composer, lyricist, arranger, copyright, album, year, key, time, tempo, duration and capo.


{meta: artist The Beatles}

Multiple values can be set by multiple meta-directives. For example:

{meta: composer John Lennon}
{meta: composer Paul McCartney}

See also autosplit.

See also Using metadata in texts.