# Environment directives

Environments, also called sections, group series of input lines into meaningful units. For example, one of the most used environments is chorus, to indicate the chorus of a song.

Environments start with a start_of directive, e.g. {start_of_chorus}, and end with a corresponding end_of directive, e.g. {end_of_chorus}. As with every ChordPro directive, these directives should be alone on a line.

You can choose arbitrary names for sections as long as the names only consists of letters, digits and underscores. Environments chorus, tab, and grid get a predefined special treatment.

Implementations are free to add special treatment to specific environments, but unknown (unhandled) environments should always be treated as part of the song lyrics.

All environment directives may include an optional label to identify the section. For example:,

{start_of_verse: label="Verse 1"}

For backward compatibility, this also works:

{start_of_verse: Verse 1}

The label text may contain \n sequences to produce multi–line labels:

{start_of_verse: label="Verse 1\nAll"}

For legacy reasons, the following environments have a short directive to start and end them: