# Directives: textfont, textsize, textcolour

Note: If the intention is to change the appearance for the whole song, or collection of songs, it is much better to use configuration files instead.

{textfont: Times-Roman}
{textsize: 12}
{textcolour: blue}

These directives change the font, size and colour of the song lyrics that follow.

The font must be a known font name, or the name of a file containing a TrueType or OpenType font.

The size must be a valid number like 12 or 10.5, or a percentage like 120%. If a percentage is given, it is taken relative to the current value for the size.

The colour must be a known colour, or a hexadecimal colour code like #4491ff.


Change the font, size and colour of the song lyrics that follow back to the previous (or default) value.


I [D]looked over Jordan, and [G]what did I [D]see,
{textcolour: red}
{textsize: 150%}
Comin’ for to carry me [A7]home.
A [D]band of angels [G]comin’ after [D]me,

Assuming default settings, all lyrics lines will be printed in black except the second line that will be bigger and red.

# Relation with chorusfont, chorussize, and choruscolour

The chorus properties depend on the text settings. If you change e.g. text colour with {textcolour blue} this will also affect the colour of the chorus lyrics. To change a chorus property and a text property, first change the text property, and then the chorus property.

This will make the chorus lyrics red, and all other lyrics blue:

{textcolour blue}
{choruscolour red}

But this will make all lyrics blue, including the chorus:

{choruscolour red}
{textcolour blue}