# ChordPro needs your help!

ChordPro needs your help to get better.

# Users

Just use ChordPro for your lead sheets and scores. Join the community and report your experiences.

Do not underestimate what other users can learn from you.

And spread the word, involve your fellow musicians.

# Testers

If you can run the development version you can become a valuable tester. You don’t even have to perform ‘real’ tests, just use the development version for some of your work and report your experiences.

# Documenters

There is a lot of documentation, but is it all up to date and well organised?

# Packagers

Easy installable packages for the miscellaneous platforms that ChordPro can be run on are crucial to most users, who are usually more fluid in music than in software development.

# Linux

It would be nice to have packages for

  • Debian systems
  • Ubuntu systems
  • Linux variants like Aur and Mint

Currently we only have an official package in the Fedora repository.

We also have a ChordPro AppImage but it needs work to suit more platforms.

Some users ask for flatpak or docker. Can you help?

# Microsoft Windows

Currently we provide an installer package for 64-bit Windows 10.

The installer may need improving, e.g. for Windows 11.

Is a 32-bit version needed?

# MacOS

Currently we provide a basic installer package (dmg) for 64-bit MacOS 10.15. It is reported to work on some older and newer versions as well. The MacOS GUI version of ChordPro is, however, crippled by MacOS constraints that we do not know how to handle. If you are a MacOS application developer, or maybe you know one, please get involved.

# Donations

ChordPro is free software and it is a pleasure developing it but domains, webservers, internet traffic and storage costs real money. You can help by making a small donation to the ChordPro project.