# Configuration for CSV output

Definitions for CSV output are stored in the configuration under the key "csv" under the key "pdf".

   "pdf" : {

     // CSV generation for MobileSheetsPro. Adapt for other tools.
     // Note that the resultant file will conform to RFC 4180.
     "csv" : {
         "fields" : [
             { "name" : "title",        "meta" : "title"      },
             { "name" : "pages",        "meta" : "pagerange"  },
             { "name" : "sorttitles",   "meta" : "sorttitle"  },
             { "name" : "artists",      "meta" : "artist"     },
             { "name" : "composers",    "meta" : "composer"   },
             { "name" : "collections",  "meta" : "collection" },
             { "name" : "keys",         "meta" : "key_actual" },
             { "name" : "years",        "meta" : "year"       },
             // Add "omit" : true to omit a field.
             // To add fields with fixed values, use "value":
             { "name" : "my_field", "value" : "text", "omit" : true },
         // Field separator.
         "separator" : ";",
         // Values separator.
         "vseparator" : "|",
         // Restrict CSV to song pages only (do not include matter pages).
         "songsonly" : true,

"fields" enumerate the fields that are to be stored in the CSV. Each field definition has a "name" property that is used to idenitfy the field in the first line of the CSV, and either a "meta" or "value" property. Optionally property "omit" can be used to (temporarily) suppress fields.

The "meta" property refers, as the name suggests, to one of the metadata items of the song. If the metadata item has multiple values they are joined using the "vseparator" property.

The "value" property, if supplied, can be used to specify a given value to be inserted instead of a metadata item. The given value may use metadata as described in Using metadata in texts.

Other properties of "csv":

The separator used to join the individual fields into CSV lines.
If a field contains the separator as part of its value, the field will be quoted according to RFC 4180.
The separator used to join the values of metadata into a field value.
No special action is taken if the metadata values contain the separator.
Restricts the content of the CSV to the actual songs. This is enabled by default. When set to false, the CSV will also contain information for cover pages, table of contents, and so on.

# Example of a CSV

Back Home In Derry;3-4;;The Davitts;Bobby Sands;Mojore;;
Fiddler’s Green;5-6;;;;Mojore;;
Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears;7-8;;Seán Keane;Brendan Graham;Mojore;;
Kilkelly Ireland 1860;9-10;;;Peter Jones;Mojore;;1860|2018
May Morning Dew;11;;The Chieftains;;Mojore;;
Nancy Spain;12-13;;Christy Moore;Barney Rush;Mojore;;
One Way Journey Home;14-15;;Gregory Page;;Mojore;;2019
Only Our Rivers;16;;Christy Moore;Michael McConnell;Mojore;;
On Raglan Road;17-18;;;Sinéad O’Connor;Mojore;;
Peat Bog Soldiers;19-20;;Lankum;"Johann Esser;Wolfgang Langhoff;Rudi Goguel";Mojore;;1933