# Delegated environment directives

Delegated environments are similar to ordinary environments.

  • They are extensions to the ChordPro environments and often implemented using external tools or libraries. Therefore they may not be available in all implementations of ChordPro.

  • In general, they produce an image that can be placed anywhere in the song.

  • They have their own section in the configuration and can be customized.

# Configuration

Delegated environments are configured in the delegates section of the config. For example:

"delegates" : {
    "textblock" : {
        "type"     : "image",
        "module"   : "TextBlock",
        "handler"  : "txt2xform",

This configures a delegated environment called textblock and adds start_of_textblock and end_of_textblock directives. module and handler specify the plugin module that handles this environment, and its entry point. You should never need to change these. type specifies what the delegated environment produces, usually an image.

When type is set to omit, the environment is parsed but not processed, i.e., it does not produce anything.

When image is none, there will be no start_of and end_of directives, effectively removing the delegated environment from ChordPro. As a result, the environment will be treated as a generic environment.


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