# Configuration for ASCII (text) to ChordPro converter

Settings for the A2Crd converter are stored in the configuration under the key "a2crd".

   // ... generic part ...
   "a2crd" : {
     // ... a2crd settings ...

# Strategy

Several strategies to recognize chords and lyrics lines are implemented by classifiers.

// Classification algorithm.
"classifier" : "pct_chords",

The following classifiers are currently provided:

  • "pct_chords"
    Strategy is based on the percentage of chords recognized.

  • "classic"
    The legacy strategy.

Feel free to choose the strategy that yields the best results for your date.

Hint: You can do this on the command line with

chordpro --a2crd --define a2crd.classifier=classic ...

# Tab stop width

Tabs in the input source are replaced by an appropriate amount of spaces.

// Tab stop width for tab expansion. Set to zero to disable.
"tabstop" : 8,

# Infer titles and subtitles

The first non-empty, non-chord, non-directive lines are taken to be the song title and subtitle.

// Treat leading lyrics lines as title/subtitle lines.
"infer-titles" : true,

This is enabled by default, unless command line option --fragment is used.