# Installation on MacOS

There are currently no reports that ChordPro can be successfully built using the pre-installed version of Perl that comes with MacOS.

The command line version of ChordPro can be built with HomeBrew Perl. It is currently not possible (well, not easy) to build the GUI version.

Unless you are a seasoned MacOS Perl developer, please use the binary install kit. This kit includes both the GUI and the command line version of ChordPro.

# Using HomeBrew

Still here?

To install the command line version of ChordPro, open a command terminal window and type

sudo xcode-select --install

You need to do this only once. This may give a final error that the install failed, this can be ignored.

First, install homebrew if it is not yet installed. Directions can be found here.

Then install perl:

brew install perl

Note that this will install perl in a subdirectory of /usr/local/Cellar, e.g. /usr/local/Cellar/perl/5.32.0/bin. It is advised to add this to the front of your PATH.

Finally, install ChordPro:

/usr/local/Cellar/perl/5.32.0/bin/cpan chordpro

This will give you the chordpro command.

% chordpro --version
This is ChordPro core 6.050

# Personal configuration

The personal configuration is processed every time you run ChordPro, unless you specify the --nodefaultconfigs or --nouserconfig command line option.

If you have a folder .config in your home folder, you can create a subfolder chordpro and place your personal configuration file there:


where USER is your MacOS user name.

If there is no .config folder, and you do not want to create it, you can create a subfolder .chordpro in your home and place your personal config there:


# System configuration

A global configuration file can be placed in /etc:


This config file is processed every time any user on the system runs ChordPro, unless the user specifies the --nodefaultconfigs or --nosystemconfig command line option.

This may be a good place to set system dependent settings like the printer paper size and font paths.