Hints and Tips

Bold chorus

A common style nowadays puts the chorus in bold. You need two modifications to achieve this.

First off, set some config keys:


Secondly, wrap the chorus in textfont directives:

{textfont Times-Bold}
[E]Dreaming, [A]Dreaming, [B]Just go on
[E]Dreaming, [A]Dreaming, [B]Just go on

This might become easier in the future, see https://github.com/ChordPro/chordpro/issues/174.

Conditional chords

You can use the following preprocessor directive to suffix chords with an instrument name and thus generate versions of different difficulty or specificity.

  // Settings for the parser/preprocessor.
  // Replaces all instrument-specific chords with conditional directives
  "parser" : {
    "preprocess" : {
      "songline" : [
        { "pattern" : "\\[([^-\\]]+)-(\\w+)\\]",
          "replace" : "%{instrument=$2|[$1]}"

An example of how to use it:

{comment This is the %{instrument} variant}
[A]He[A7-piano]llo, [Bm]World![C-keyboard]
[A]Swe[A7-piano]et [Bm]Home![C-keyboard]