The ChordPro Resource Directory

ChordPro maintains a collection of resources for several purposes. These can be found in the ChordPro Resource Directory. ChordPro will inform you where the resource directory is when you execute the command

chordpro --about

in a Terminal window. The output will have a line with Resource path and the actual location of the ChordPro Resource Directory.


Here you can find a number of pre-defined configs (.json files) and the JSON config file schema, config.schema.


An example of a ChordPro song. This example will be inserted in the ChordPro GUI program when you select Help > Insert song example.


Icons for the ChordPro application program and ChordPro documents, in several formats.


Linux specific tools and templates to setup the desktop environment.


Note definitions for common (Dutch), German, Latin, Scandinavian and Solfege notation systems.

Also definitions for Nashville and Roman notation.


Program documentation files.